Join us on Sundays for a 1-hour In-Person Worship Gathering at 10:00 a.m., with limited seating for your safety. Make sure you reserve a spot for you and each family member and plan to arrive early for check-in.


  • Pre-register for Sunday, September 27: REGISTER HERE
  • One person can register for a whole family by selecting how many tickets are needed. There is no charge for tickets.
  • Continue through each step and click REGISTER at the end to complete registration.
  • You will receive an email confirmation.  

In order to best serve one another during this special time, please join us in observing the following guidelines:

  • We ask that you keep your mask on throughout the gathering and to proceed directly to the auditorium to take your seat for the service. 
  • If, at any time, you need to use the restroom, please feel free to do so. We have attendants wiping down the bathroom surfaces every ten minutes.  
  • At the end of the service, our usher team will open up the sanctuary’s side doors, and we ask you to exit the building before stopping to greet anyone.  
  • If you are taking advantage of childcare (ages 0-3) please select a single adult to drop off/pickup your child(ren). 

For those in a vulnerable population, who are sick, or who feel less comfortable, we will continue to broadcast our gathering here or on Facebook Live.


As a spiritual family, we meet at 10 am on Sundays to worship Jesus through singing, sharing, biblical teaching, and prayer.

Each week we sing of God’s goodness and worship Him for His amazing grace and redemptive love. Often a few stories are shared of how God is working among us and in those for whom we are praying. Then we hear God’s word preached, followed by an opportunity to respond in prayer and obedience.

On the first Sunday of every month, we come to the Lord’s Table (also known as communion). These times include scripture reading, prayer, reflection and then sharing together the bread and the cup. During communion, members of our ministry team are available to pray with and for anyone desiring prayer.

Here are some other reasons why Sunday Gatherings are important to us.

As we sing, preach, share and celebrate, we strive to keep our focus on God our Father, His Son Jesus who died for our sins, and the Holy Spirit who helps and guides us into all truth. Our Sunday Gatherings are not about showing off or performing to impress people, but about pointing everyone to God and celebrating His love towards us. We hope to clearly and consistently communicate the good news of Jesus to all who gather with us.

Our teaching on Sundays is mostly through exegetical series, where we study through a book in the Bible and apply its truth to our lives. We also focus on significant moments throughout the year, such as the season leading up to Christmas called Advent, the events leading up to Good Friday when Jesus was crucified for our sins, and Easter Sunday when He rose from the dead.  Any Sunday you visit you will hear solid biblical teaching that is Christ-centered, grace-filled, and accessible to all.  Infants and toddlers up to 3 years of age, are provided care in our Nursery, which is available for the entire Sunday Gathering.  

As important as our Sunday Gatherings are, they are not the whole picture. We live with a strong belief that church is not a meeting to attend or a building to which we drive. Church is a group of people who are committed to following Jesus and to loving one another as a spiritual family. So we also encourage you to get to know people and be connected to our community, which can certainly start on a Sunday but is better achieved in a smaller group where you can know and be known by those who are committing to do life together. These smaller groups meet on various nights around the city. For more info, (click here).